Call Out! Marketing: Let’s Grow Your Business in Stafford.

Call Out! are a brand new Stafford-based marketing agency.
We set up shop specifically to provide budget-friendly marketing solutions for independent local Stafford businesses, to get them through these challenging times.

There’s no reason why your business can’t thrive. You’ve got products that people want to know about and buy!

Our services of Social Media Management, SEO Blog Writing, Webpage Copy Writing and Proofreading & Editing aim to boost your online presence to get customers in your shop to increase your sales.

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Marketing Services


Social Media Management

If you own an independent shop, you may not have a website, so Social Media is your only online presence. For that reason you want to do it right.

With years of Social Media Marketing experience we can manage your Social Media activity, creating strong posts to reach and engage your current customers while also building your Social Media following.


SEO Blog Writing

Search Engine Optimised Blogs help Google to work out which websites to show to people when they enter a search words.

Using search words relevant to your business, we’ll write informative blogs on key aspects of your business, to help you to appear on the first page of Google, while entertaining and educating your potential customers about your products or services


Webpage Copy Writing

If you have a website, chances are is was built by a web designer, not a writer!

We can take your existing copy and craft it for impact or write new pages from scratch.


Proofreading & Editing

You want your marketing to be clear and concise with good formatting, the right words and correct grammar.

We’re specialists in taking your existing words and editing them so your message is accurate, clearly understandable and packs a punch.

With four marketing services, we can transform your reach, with the prime aim of making you more money!

About Me

Let’s Grow Your Business Together

I’m Ben. When I moved to Stafford three years ago I could see the potential for a thriving county town. It quickly become clear that the businesses here have lots to offer, though they might not have the marketing skills to realize their full potential.

In Spring 2023 I started up my own marketing company Call Out! to provide cost-effective ways for local businesses to increase their sales, so together we can build strong foundations for the economic recovery of this fine town!

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07957 451 518
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