Social Media Management

Are You Struggling To Reach People With Your Social Media Posts?

Here’s why: You’re not a professional marketer so you don’t know how posts work!
Posts will only be shown to large numbers of people if they fit certain requirements, which are:

The words you use, your spelling, grammar and the tone of voice,
What’s in the picture and its size,
What link you use, how you’ve created it, and its position in the post,
What hashtags you use and how many you use,
The time of day you post,
Previous posts of yours,
The length of your post,
And a whole range of other factors.

Sounds complex? It is. If you don’t know and use all these techniques properly, then you could post every hour of every day and reach just a handful of potential customers…

Achieve Results With Cost-Effective Social Media Management

If you want a professional marketer to manage your social media, then that’s me!
Whatever your business is, I can help you to get results through Social Media campaigns.
I know how to create and schedule Social Media posts so they will be seen by more of your followers AND people who don’t follow your page. This will help you to engage existing customers and gain new followers, with the aim of getting get more people to visit your shop and more money in your till. It’s simple when you know how, and I know how!

Boost Your Engagement and Sales – Contact Me Today

Through a consultation I’ll learn about your business, your services, key products and aims. Then I’ll create a bespoke monthly Social Media strategy for you, where I write and schedule your posts to boost your social media visibility.

I’m a Stafford-based independent business like you, so I know you need a cost-effective way of reaching thousands of customers in the area. I also have very low overheads.
For these reasons, I’m offering Social Media Marketing to you at around a third of what it would usually cost.

Get in touch through the Contact Form today to book your free consultation.